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Touch Core Media‘s Mission is to influence Consumer Behaviour by increasing visibility in the market and build credibility to organise, execute and promote your great objectives. As we will be your brand builder, culture connoisseurs, social architects and research enthusiasts, we will foster excellence.



Unlike traditional agencies , Touch Core Media understands the new media environment and embraces today’s new consumerism. Every digital and marketing service is custom tailored to your business. We begin with an outline of your goals , schedules and budget and provide a complete marketing plan.

We evaluate your current marketing and branding efforts, identify the promotion options that reach your target market and determine the advertising solutions that meet your goals  and audience



Touch Core Media‘s vission is to be a leading Branding , Marketing and Media support agency in Africa by providing its clients with innovative solutions for them to optimise their business objectives

Touch Core Media

For more information about our business please to not hesitate do get in touch with us: